What to Expect


We use modern video technology to help you try to resolve your dispute. You will not have to see your opposing party unless you want to. The mediator will review your preliminary statement regarding the dispute and give a statement that explains the process.

Problem Determination:

Each party will separately tell the Mediator the facts and circumstances regarding the dispute. Issues will be identified and summarized in your preliminary statement and privately during the mediation.

Generation of Options and Alternatives:

You and your opponent will participate in separate virtual sessions with the mediator, and identify issues related to your requirements for settlement. Negotiations and decision making by the parties will continue unless you decide not to proceed or the mediator declares an impasse and recommends that you terminate the mediation or continue the mediation in a subsequent session.

Clarification and Agreement Writing:

If you successfully settle your dispute, the terms of any settlement will be written by the mediator. If legal counsel is not present, the parties may elect to have the document reviewed by counsel and signed at a later date.